Studio for naturopathy

Hibiscus Studio

Klobenstein, Ritten / Collalbo, Renon
↓ Client

Maria Sölva

↓ Architecture, Site management

Messner Architects

↓ Contractors

Markus Pechlaner – HVAC and plumbing
Elektro Messner – electric installations
Hannes Fäckl - carpentry work
Konrad Messner - wood flooring renovation
Franz Stuefer – construction work
Felix Quinz - paint work

↓ Objects

Laces Lamp - Antoinette Bader
Trifidae Easy Chairs - Prostoria
Flock coat hooks - Iserlohner Haken (designed by Plasma Studio)

↓ Artworks

Thomas Grandi
Franz Messner
Walter Blaas

↓ Photography

Karina Castro

↓ Press

Maria’s practice for naturopathy is embedded in our father’s Franz Messner († 2017) blacksmith-shop. Passing the impressive blacksmith’s heart and the archaic feather fall hammer Ajax, you reach the former artist’s workshop. A wooden door leads to the bright studio, where a suite welcomes the patients. A desk, as well as a wardrobe with a sink, completes the working space. Behind the freestanding bookshelf, rack massages take place. In the south, the room is opening up towards a luscious green inner courtyard.

When it is cold outside, the fire in the little oven is sizzling. With rain, the water is burbling through the transparent tube. In summer, the sunlight scintillates through the dense crown of the walnut tree.

Hibiscus—a place to warm up, to recreate, to restore and be accompanied.