Stage design

Juri 2.1

Ritten / Renon

Design of a multi-purpose stage for an event series in rural northern Italy. The event aims to highlight local alternative youth culture.

↓ Client

Jugend Kultur Ritten

↓ Design

Messner Architects

↓ Construction

Jugend Kultur Ritten

↓ Materials

donated by local companies

↓ Photography

David Messner
Schot's Photographics

↓ Press

MAY 06-29 2016

The stage is frame for concerts, workshops and discussions. It features a turnable screen, which is space-maker, canopy, billboard sign or projection screen. It can be set up and dismantled in short time, in order to quickly change its location.

All construction materials were donated by local companies, whereas the stage was assembled by a group of young people.