[Icelandic for Iceberg]


Collalbo, Renon
2021 - 2022
↓ Clients

Doris Lintner & Jón Ragnar Hafthorsson

↓ Implementation

Markus Lintner - construction work
Haustechnik - HVAC & plumbing
Roland Haller - electric installations
Eisath & Lintner - furniture & kitchen
Oskar Marasca - tile work
Oberkofler - linoleum & larch parquets
Rasom Glass - mirror
Intern Element - doors
Spinell - paint & dry construction work
Antoinette Bader - Laces Lamp

↓ Photography

Karina Castro

Doris and Jón found us with the wish for a cozy yet functional home that would provide a comfortable dwelling for the family, while offering space to work from home. The apartment is located on the ground floor of a multi-dwelling unit built in 1990 within a residential neighborhood at the outskirts of the village Collalbo in Renon. Facing southwest, the four-room unit is enclosed by a small yard. 

The main interventions within this project focused on remodeling kitchen and living room as well as two bathrooms. The original footprint turned out to have smaller sections, thus requiring some adjustments to meet our clients’ needs for lighting and open space. Significant inspiration for the project was drawn from Jón’s homeland: Iceland. 

The entrance area leads to the living room where dark blue linoleum and larch parquet floors meet. At the interface, sits a detached furniture element, just like an iceberg. Facing the hall, it serves as storage space, while on the back, it functions as a separator for the couch. After having removed some interior walls and doors, the entire hall and entrance area are now flooded with natural light. The living room area was expanded by getting rid of the separating wall towards the kitchen, thus creating space for a kitchen island. With their white furniture facades, turquoise-colored details, Laas marble and Corian countertops, the kitchenette and island form the dining area’s backdrop, reminding of the natural landscapes of Iceland. 

 A skylight in the separating wall between living room and bathroom provides the latter with day light. Thanks to the partial removal of a wall, we were able to place a spacious shower in the internally situated washroom, without passing on a small storage closet. Once again, green and white tones for tiles and furniture determine the atmosphere. During the day, the skylight is source for natural light as well as mirror, while at night it functions as indirect illuminant for the living room. Finally, several interior doors were renewed, and the existing wood floors in the bedrooms were planed and polished. 

With the remodeling of this apartment, we aimed at creating a home for Doris, Jón and Ragnar, where Icelandic as well as local elements merge to create a contemporary ambience.