Stall Design

Christmas Fair

Klobenstein, Ritten / Collalbo, Renon
↓ Client

Tourist Office Renon

↓ Architecture, Site management

Messner Architects

↓ Contractors

Zimmerei Christof Messner
Elektro Messner
Spenglerei Johannes Mair

↓ Photography

David Messner
Schot's Photographics

↓ Press

Turris Babel 112

↓ Nominations & Awards

shortlisted for Architekturpreis Südtirol 2019

The new design of the stalls at the christmas fair in Collalbo strikes through his remarkably steep gabled roof. Following traditional methods of construction the stalls are roofed with larch weatherboard cladding. The pointed white gables are easily associated with a tree.

Each stall disposes of a sales area with a large counter which disappears when shutting the hatch. During the opening hours the raised hatch forms a protective porch. Shelves in the rear of the stalls provide space for the exposition of products.

The applied techniques and materials for the realization of the stalls are essentially simple and base on traditional handicraft. Nevertheless an apparently simple construction always requires a certain sensitiveness for the development of clear and technologically refined details.

The striking design of the stalls sets this christmas fair apart from the countless other fairs generating a high recognition value.