Collalbo, Renon / 2019
Through the reconstruction and redesign of theaging premises there was a welcoming and functional café and restaurant created. In order to bring more daylight to the inside, the existing arched windows at the west- and south facade/front were expanded to the floor and newly glassed / new glass was installed.This way these facades create continuum of the access balcony/arches on the north side of the building. The arches on the west side facing the street create increased visibility between public space and bar, which has an inviting and exhilarant effect on the public life in the village. The generous windows with the basket-awning at thesouth side expand the restaurant area by a sunny garden with a woodterrace, which is now accessible trough wooddoors that are integrated in the arches.

The entrance area leads first to the bar area. A ceiling element serving as luminaire and bass absorber above the counter that is freely positioned in the room marks the center of the Cafe. By the arches, comfortable sitting arrangementsoverview the passing street life. The boundaries between outside and inside become blurred.

The freestanding central glass wall builds the heart piece. It both connects and separates. Lookthroughs let the happening perceive directly or only assumptive. All the operational ways that connect bar, kitchen, restaurant and guest garden cross at this point. Gneiss from Passeier, nutwood and oak as well as dark furniture fronts determine the pleasant atmosphere inside.
Along the facade that is interrupted by arches, emerges a wood ceiling, which connects the bar with the restaurant. The dark furniture in the south area floats above the wooden floor and with its inner warmth it invites to linger. Created and fabricated by the designer Antoinette Bader the lamps immerse the premises in an impressive ambiance. In the restaurant area, the positions of the light spots can vary through the rails in the ceiling.
The few architectural elements in Zentral enable a free usage of the Ambienti. The spaces and atmospheres engage fluently into each other.

Wally & Markus Pechlaner

Emil Fink
Tischlerei Eisath & Lintner
Elektro Messner
Gebrüder Kafmann
Felix Quinz
Design Holz Böden
sternbach interior stories
Antoinette Bader
intern element

Oliver Jaist

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