Walnut / 2013
The client, a huge boating fan, requested a unique design and the use of sustainable materials. Inspired by baroque opulence and dry industrial design, the desk-design evolves. A force field between two levels, the desktop and the table base, generates the biomorphic geometry of the whole.


While the tabletop protrudes boldly, the centerpiece appears to be skin-like with sinews stretching under the thin membrane in the edge zone. The white table base evokes a technical feel, whereas the slots are not lacquered and connect the lower part with the desktop, in the natural look of the material.


L x W x H:   225 x 96 x 76 cm
Weight:       136 kg

The mighty walnut tree this desk was carved from was handpicked in the Lago di Caldaro/Italy area. A multi-layer coating prevents the lacquer from cracking. Shaped with a CNC-milling-machine, but smoothed and planed by hand, a unique patina of traditional craftsmanship is added to the machine made object.

Tischlerei Konrad Messner

Martin Pardatscher
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